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More space, more joinery, more light.

The interior design is not just about appealing to contemporary styles or current needs – here the aesthetics are timeless, and with a thoughtful approach to planning, these spaces will grow and evolve with you in the years ahead. Everything is in place to enjoy a home of enduring quality.

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More light
More light

Eat Street on Mason Lane

From the aroma of freshly roasted early morning espresso to the lunches and delicious dinners, Merrylands’ new dining destination is downstairs.

New Mason Lane
Eat Street
Eat Street

Stores of Local People & Local Pride

Merrylands is a neighbourhood rich in tradition, where generations of families have built a community which is strong, proud and welcoming to all.

The Community

The Location

From its very foundation, this new precinct taps into the proud tradition of neighbourhood shopping which has been part of the area for generations.

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