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Eliza – Local Business Owner

Meet Eliza, she is a local business owner from Merrylands, who recently purchased the Two Bedroom + Media Room. We sat down with Eliza to learn about her experience buying with us so far.

Watch the video or read the full interview below:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Eliza.

My name is Eliza, I have been living in Merrylands for a very long time. I have two little girls, seven and thirteen, and I have a business here across the road.

What property did you purchase and why?

I bought a Two Bedroom + Media Room apartment. I chose to invest in Mason & Main because of the potential that I see in Merrylands.

What appealed to you most about Mason & Main?

What appealed to me most is the location and the design. It was very impulsive because my daughter and I fell in love with the design and we already live here (in Merrylands). I thought we could walk across the road, and I don’t even need my car. Just easy access to be able to have a coffee downstairs and, you know just the accessibility of everything really.

Why did you choose to buy off the plan?

It has good potential, and I thought, why not! In 2023, I’ll be ready to invest. Maybe not right now, but I just needed 5-10% (deposit), which is much easier than coming up with everything now.

Why did you choose to purchase in Merrylands?

I’ve had a business here for the last ten years; everybody is welcoming, it’s a very multi-cultural place to live. There’s plenty of jobs, and it’s a growing community; people from all around the world live here. You feel like you’re living in the city without feeling the price of the city. It has good potential to raise your family here too.

What excites you most about moving in?

I think the experience of living in a brand new place with cafes and restaurants downstairs will be pretty amazing.


Why did you choose the Two Bedroom + Media Room apartment?

I like the fact that it’s an apartment because I am living in a house now and it’s a lot of work to maintain a house. So I’m glad to just have a two bedroom with additional media room that can convert into a bedroom. It’s kind of like a three bedroom but for the price of a two bedroom, which I like.

How has your experience been purchasing with Mason & Main?

They have a display apartment in the centre of Merrylands, so it’s easy to have a look at what you are going to get. The people are really professional, every time I come here the door is open.

What would you tell someone who is considering buying at Mason & Main?

Come and have a look; if you love the place, buy it, and make a decision to change your future. It’s a great place to live in.