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Q3 2023 Project Update

Q3 2023 Project Update

We are thrilled to share with you the substantial progress achieved across the entire project over the last quarter.

Stage One: Building A, B & C

Commencing with Stage One, it brings us great pleasure to report the successful completion of many milestones, all of which are now prominently visible at street level.

Since our last update, where Building A was topped out, we are delighted to share that Buildings C & B have also achieved this milestone in their construction journey. This not only marks a pivotal moment for Stage One of the precinct but also signifies the remarkable progress that has been achieved by the team.

Throughout the third quarter, a series of other notable accomplishments were also achieved. These include the finalisation of the fit-out of Building A, the completion of travelator installation within the retail and dining precinct, and the commencement of the fit-out of the shared amenity levels.

Looking ahead to quarter-four, the construction teams primary focus now centres on the refinement of exterior façade and interior fit-outs.

Stage Two: Buildings D & E

Turning our attention to Stage Two of the Mason & Main precinct – Buildings D & E – we are pleased to affirm that our momentum continues to surge ahead. Notably, the successful completion of the ground-floor and Level-1 transfer slabs stands as a significant milestone, representing substantial progress towards the building’s ascent out of the ground, and project completion.

Additionally, over the last quarter, the team commenced precast activities for Building E’s tower, giving its distinctive shape and structure. Concurrently, strides were made in the development of the concrete core. This concerted effort propelled Building D to reach Level 1 while Building E advanced to Level 3.

With these foundational achievements in place, the teams focus will shift towards elevating the concrete cores of both buildings to reach Level 14. Simultaneously, architectural enhancements, including tower glazing involving the installation of glass in windows and floors, promise to redefine the visual landscape of the entire project.

To watch the full Mason & Main Project Update for Q3 2023, click here, or see below.

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